GilCC is a Ruby program that will colorize the output from any compiler such as GCC. So if you are a GCC user you probably realized that it is very hard to tell “warnings” and “errors” from other texts. GilCC was written to resolve this issue. Very handy specially if you cannot upgrade your GCC version to the latest. GilCC is open source so it is free to download under MIT license. Colorize GCC use GilCC.


  1. download and install Ruby 2.0 with command line option.
  2. open your command line and make sure you can invoke ruby. type “ruby -v”
    1. you should see ruby version installed in your machine.
  3. download GilCC.rb and copy it to your Ruby install “bin” path
    1. default Ruby path is “C:\Ruby200-x64\bin”
  4. if you use “make” you are good to go. You may want to edit GilCC.rb for your default make command line. This will allow to type just GilCC and it will invoke your “make” default command.

gilCC01 gilCC02 gilCC03 gilCC04


Download GilCC from GitHub here

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